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Nevada Poker League is your local connection for Poker, Fun and often times Shenanigan’s. 

We are not only the longest and best ran League in Vegas, but we are by far the friendliest League. Once you start playing you will see we are like one big family, and like all families there are a few nuts in the mix. We strive to make the league bigger and better each season. The main goal of the NPL is to provide a fun friendly atmosphere where players of all skill levels can have an enjoyable night out without breaking the bank.

We offer Poker Seminars and lessons given by various poker pros and have friendly dealers that are willing to help you learn the game. So come join in on the fun weather you’re a serious player or just want to have fun or dare to take part in some of the late night shenanigans, with over 15 locations we have a locations that fits everyone’s personality.

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Q: Can anyone play?
Yes, it is open to everyone and there is no membership fee. You can play at any of Locations at any time during any season. You can play in as many games as you like or you may play in only one - the choice is yours. It is based on first come first serve.

Q: Where can I play?
Check the Locations page for all the locations and times.

Q: Can I win anything?
Yes, you can win nightly prizes ranging from Cash, NPL Gear, Free Play, etc. Don't forget about the Quarterly prizes totaling over $10,000 each season. Also, many bars offer specials on food and drinks or free plays which can be found on the Locations page.

Q: What if I never played poker before?
Our dealers are there to also teach you the game. Many new players have learned the game from us and are now regular winning players. Everyone is welcome.

Q: What does it cost?
It's free to play. There are no buy-ins, the nightly games are free to play.

Q: How do the dealers get paid?
Tips are appreciated.

  1. COST: Free tournaments no buy in (Dealers are volunteers, TIPS are appreciated).
  3. DEALER: The dealer will be responsible for running the game and all decisions made by the dealer/floor person are final
  4. SEAT SELECTION: Players must choose a seat card from the dealer upon arrival. If you need special seating please let the dealer know. We will do our best to accommodate everyone
  5. STRUCTURE: $2000 in starting chips with blinds starting at 25-50 and 12 minute levels. *500 bonus chips for players arriving on time for the 1st season.
  6. TDA RULES will apply in most cases. Please keep in mind TDA is a guideline for Poker rooms to use and always respect rule number 1 which states the following: Floor People (NPL Lead dealer is considered floor in NPL games) are to consider the best interest of the game and fairness as top priorities in the decision-making process. Unusual circumstances can on occasion dictate that decisions in the interest of fairness take priority over technical rules. The floor person�s decision is final
  7. LANGUAGE: English only to be spoken at the table
  8. CHIPS: Must be kept in plain view for all players to see
  9. ALL IN: Cards will be turned face up when all players are all in. However, If there is side action still pending, at the conclusion of the hand ALL cards must be turned face up
  10. COLOR UP: During color up, all odd chips will be rounded up. $25 chips will be removed at the beginning of level 3. 1-4 $25 chips will be exchanged for 1 $100 chip. $100 chips will be removed at the beginning of level 6. 1-5 $100 chips will be exchanged for 1 $500 chip
  11. USE OF CELLPHONES: Players may not talk on the phone while at the poker table. Use of any cellular or electronic device in any manner while you have cards will result in your hand being dead.
  12. ELIGIBLE FOR HAND: A player must be at his seat by the time all players have been dealt complete initial hands in order to have a live hand. (NOTE: a player that is within arms length of his seat, aware and paying attention to the game is considered at his seat.) Please keep in mind we are a bar league and be considerate of those that are simply ordering a drink/food or picking up a drink/food from the bar. A PLAYER MAY NOT AT ANY TIME MUCK ANOTHER PLAYERS HAND.
  13. ELIMINATION: In an effort to keep the game going, once a player has busted out we ask that they leave the table
  14. PENALTIES: A one orbit penalty may be received for any of the following: dealer abuse, player abuse, inappropriate language, more than one player to a hand, delay of game, touching other players cards and/or chips, or any other incident that the dealer deems necessary to the fairness and smooth running of the game. Repeat offenders May result in suspension from the league
  15. GAMES: Each NPL location will run 3 sessions generally the times are 6PM, 7:30 and 9PM. (*see calendar page) Each session/tournament will be a single table satellite with a minimum of 6 players and will accept new players anytime during the first three levels. Maximum number of players is 12 per game. Maximum may increase to 14 at the dealer�s discretion to accommodate new players. * all three sessions must be played to qualify for nightly prize. * There are anywhere from 1 to 4 single table satellites for each session based upon number of players for the night.
  16. POINTS: Are given based on number of players in the game and assigned in order of knockout. For example, if game has a total of 10 players the first player out will receive 1 point and the winner will receive 10 points. If game has a total of 8 players, the first player out will receive 1 point and the winner will receive 8 points. It is the player�s responsibility to contact the NPL office within two weeks of the event if there is any question with the points that have been posted on the web site
  17. PRIZES: There must be a minimum of 8 players for nightly prizes to be awarded
  18. SCHEDULE: The league will run as listed on the NPL website and subject to change without notice
  19. FOOD & BEVERAGE: While making a purchase at the bar is not mandatory, no outside food or beverage allowed at any location. Players may be disqualified.
  20. CONTACT INFO: Please provide the dealer with a valid email address.
  21. Management reserves the right to make changes at its sole discretion. Management also reserves the right to refuse service to any player and suspend or bar any player from league play
  22. RELAX AND HAVE FUN! The League rules are more relaxed than if you were in a regular poker room. Our main objective is to create a fun friendly atmosphere where players of all skill levels can enjoy a night out while doing something they enjoy and meeting new friends


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